Top 5 Best Trick from Mobile Volume button.


1. Gamepad

Play PUBG Games with Volume Up & Down buttons very easy
Let’s play PUBG with GamePad For PUBG Controller App
Pubg Weapons Control by Volume Button
Control your all PUBG game function with volume up & down key
All PUBG Control Use With Your Volume Up & Down Key
>> How to Use GamePad For PUBG App
1) Open the app
2) Allow All Permission For App
3) Press Volume up button to add volume UP button
4) Now you will see two buttons on your screen
5) Set size & opacity of the button
6) Now open your pubg game & place these two button on your desired game button.
7) Control click with these two buttons by pressing volume up & down key.


Oops! application locker does not use any on screen password ie. pin based or a pattern based locking system.

We use volume key pattern as the password. You can make any pattern using volume keys, like UP UP DOWN UP.

– Oops Applock is Totally invisible.

– Oops Applock ScreenLock is most safest screenlock.

– Using Oops Applock ScreenLock nobody can unlock your phone.

– Using Oops Applock ScreenLock nobody even notice phone is locked.

– Oops Applock ScreenLock has different styles to choose.

– Oops Applock is Most secure way to lock apps.

– Nobody even notice your app is locked with Oops Applock.


✓ Long press on volume keys allows you to undo and redo text edits.
✓ Simple press on volume keys lets your move the cursor in any text field .
This app uses Accessibility services
This app helps users with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue, to easily and precisely move the cursor inside text fields using the volume keys.
✓ This app requires the accessibility service permission in order to be able to move the cursor.
⇒ This app will be able to retrieve the active window content in order to read the cursor position and to move the cursor.


With this really nifty app running on your Android, you can use the volume button instead of the power button to wake up your device!

IF YOU WANT TO UNINSTALL THIS APP go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and remove the app from the device administrator list. Then you will be able to unable to install the app as you normally would. If you are wondering why the app was on the administrator’s list to begin with, it’s because only apps that are device administrators can turn on and off the screen. You actually opted-in to this, but probably didn’t bother to read the relevant messages when the app asked for this permission…



App shows buttons on side of screen to increase and decrease volume of Ring, Music and Call.

App increases and decreases volume of Call when call in progress, Music when music is playing and Ring in normal case.

App will ask user for running background service so service will less likely to be removed from background.

Note: App is not doing any CPU intensive process in background so it won’t drain phone’s battery much.



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